CT Abdomen / Pelvis

CT Abdomen / Pelvis

CT Abdomen / Pelvis


CT scanning provides detailed evaluation of abdominal and pelvic structures. There are many indications and examinations are usually tailored according to the indication.


In some situations you may be required to drink a very dilute contrast solution to opacify the intestines. This is will be supplied by our CT staff  with detailed instructions.  Certain indications may require you to drink water prior to the examination. When making the booking our C.T. staff  will give you clear instructions regarding any preparations.

If you have any allergies, especially to iodine, or if you are pregnant, please inform the radiographer or receptionist when you make your booking and before any scans are taken.

Prior to having a C.T. scan with iodine contrast injected we may need to have your renal function checked.  Our C.T. staff will advise if we require you to have bloods drawn to check your renal function.


Most examinations require the introduction of iodine – containing intravenous contrast medium. If required, a needle or cannula will be introduced into a hand or forearm vein prior to the examination.  The contrast medium is injected through the cannula during the course of the examination.

You will be required to lie on the CT table with your arms extended above your head. As the table moves through the gantry ring the X-ray tube rotates around you. The duration of the scanning procedure will be between 5 -10 minutes depending on the indication.

If you have had the iodine contrast medium injected for the first time you will be required to wait in our waiting room for 20 minutes after the procedure just to ensure you don’t present with an allergic reaction.

After Procedure

Normal activities may be continued. The oral contrast is generally well tolerated and side effects are minimal.

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