Patient Safety

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Patient Safety

If you are having an MRI or CT scan,  you may require a certain intravenous substance known as contrast to be injected ( often referred to as a ‘dye’).


Contrast enters the bloodstream and then enters certain types of tissues in the body, therefore highlighting the difference between normal and abnormal tissue (thus the name “contrast”). The contrast used for MRI and CT is different.


You will be asked a to complete a form stating some clinical history with regard to allergies  and medication you may be using at the time of the scan. Depending on certain medical criteria, the radiographer or receptionist assisting with your booking may ask for your most recent renal function results. Our C.T./ MRI  staff will advise if we require you to have bloods drawn to check your renal function.  You will be asked to consent for contrast to be administered. The contrast is NOT radioactive and is removed via the body through the kidneys (urine) and liver (into the bowel).

Cape Radiology understands that patients may be concerned about possible radiation exposure.


Firstly, only a CT, and X-ray examination  use radiation; an MRI or ultrasound scan does not use ionising radiation. The use of exposure to radiation should be put into perspective and considered along with the benefits or value of the scan / x-ray for early diagnosis.


The equipment used at Cape Radiology is registered with the Directorate of Radiation control and complies with the Radiation Control Act. Our equipment is modern and undergoes regular servicing. Our protocols are continually reviewed and are designed to minimise the dose of radiation delivered to you without compromising image quality.


All our staff are appropriately qualified and possess the necessary training to operate equipment that emits radiation. If you are at all concerned, please discuss this with your doctor and our staff.

Infection control
Cape Radiology strictly adheres to the universal precautions for infection control.