Online PACS Environment

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Online PACS Environment

Cape Radiology is a fully digital filmless practice.  All our images are digital and are stored on our PACS servers.  These images are transmitted to our referring doctors and the hospital we service via our intranet or to doctors outside our immediate practice environment via secure internet connections.  Radiologists’ reports are attached to the images allowing our referring doctors to view the images and read the reports seamlessly.

Radiologists use an advanced 3D analysis and visualisation tool to assist with reporting CT & MRI studies. This 3D technology brings a high level of quality and efficiency to viewing patient’s images.

Linked to the PACS is our radiology information system (RIS). All patient information is stored on the RIS which facilitates seamless entry and retrieval of patient information.  Workflow in the practice is coordinated via the RIS which sends the worklists to the radiographers and the completed images to the radiologists for reporting.