Newsletter – December 2021

The rapidly changing world necessitates that we remain nimble, constantly evolving and innovating, particularly in the medical field. We need to learn from the challenges that are thrown at us and do things better to provide the best care to our patients and ensure good clinical outcomes. In this light I would like highlight some developments of importance at Cape Radiology.

On a clinical level, with the emergence of COVID-19 we have developed considerable expertise in performing Dual Energy CT Pulmonary Angiography (DE-CTPA) on our 128-slice dual energy CT scanner. DE-CTPA is now routine at our practice following recent international research confirming that DE-CTPA not only better delineates small peripheral pulmonary emboli but also reveals COVID-19 related vasculopathy and predicts RVD (right ventricular dysfunction) in severe COVID-19 pneumonia. DE-CTPA also has utility in long COVID-19 in patients with ongoing dyspnoea reveling microangiopathy. The usefulness of DE-CTPA is, of course, not limited to COVID-19 with wide applications.

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